Monday, February 28, 2022

Eliminate Negative Thoughts And Lose Weight/2022

 There are an estimated tens of thousands of ideas that enter your mind each day. When it comes to inner monologue, no one talks more to you than you do. You are your most trusted confidant and counselor.... Even if you had these talks with someone else, it's unlikely that they would reveal anything about your true character. The part of you that is plagued by self-doubt, anxiety, depression, regret, and other negative emotions.

However, this is not the "true" you. This is the version of yourself that has been created by your ego and core beliefs. You've created and accepted these false assumptions about yourself. Tragically, nothing could be farther from the reality.

Where did these erroneous impressions about you come from? Parents, teachers, coworkers and friends were the primary sources of information. As a result of their statements, you've grown to believe that she is overweight, even if she hasn't really said it.

Anecdotal statements made decades ago have the power to dictate your whole existence. Nobody has the authority or right to tell you who or what to be. You are the only one who genuinely understands who and what you are made of.

At the moment of your birth, you were free of any pre-existing negative beliefs about yourself. A wonderful bundle of joy with infinite potential and possibilities was born into this world as you were born into this world.

To tell you the truth, I don't believe you've changed. As long as you're alive, you'll always be a lovely, limitless bundle of delight.

The only thing that differs is the focus on which you place it. How may I help you? What would happen if you eliminated all of the negative self-talk, such as;

Too much weight is a problem for me.–

How could someone fall in love with me?–

- I will never be skinny.

- I never succeed.

As you can see, the list could continue on and on... What would your reaction be? Do you believe it would make you feel better? Do you believe you'd be happy if it happened? Is it possible that you'd gain greater self-assurance if you did this?

Now, how would your life alter if you were to take a step further and only speak favorably about yourself? You will be able to do anything if you spend some time focusing on what you appreciate about yourself and focusing on that alone.

You'll be astounded to discover your brilliance is just under the surface once you start exploring for the good aspects of yourself. There was no other person you've ever been but the radiant bundle of joy you brought into the world all those years ago. By asking a few questions, you might discover good qualities of yourself.

- What can I do better than everyone else?

In the world, who has profited from my existence?

The only person who knows what's in my heart is myself.

- What features of my physical appearance do I appreciate?

You want to be happy right now. How are you feeling right now, sir? You'll be content and contented if all you focus on is what makes you feel good about yourself. Choose how you want to feel right now. Decide to constantly search for and appreciate the good in yourself.

Is it possible to lose weight while doing all of this? Everything!!! The control valve that governs your experience is your emotional state. Your beliefs and subconscious programming are shaped by how you speak to yourself. The question to ask yourself is whether or not erroneous negative thinking should be the basis of your beliefs and subconscious programming. As an alternative, would you like to believe that you are and have always been a flawless being?

Begin loving and nurturing yourself right now. Allow yourself to enjoy life with the same sense of wonder, fun, and playfulness that you had as a kid. Make it a point to celebrate even the tiniest of victories. Every chance you have, show yourself some love and appreciation. Every day, do this exercise and see your weight fall off as your old self-doubts dissipate as well.

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