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Saturday, August 6, 2022

How 7 Best Online Therapy Services Changed My Life

August 06, 2022 0


Our mental health has been affected by the current health crisis, but you are not alone in your fight. As a result of the mental agony the epidemic has produced, many medical experts are now offering their services over the internet. These online treatment services are readily accessible, therefore it is only fair that you take use of them. To ensure that your mental health is in excellent hands, each of these platforms has a counselor on hand to answer your questions and help you find a solution.

There you have it: the seven top online counseling services of 2021.

1. BetterHelp

In terms of popularity and the number of customers and users it has so far, this is it. BetterHelp also provides access to tens of thousands of psychologists, counselors, and therapists who are all recognized and licensed. Having a vast number of mental health providers to choose from, consumers have a better chance of finding the help they need.

Addiction therapy, marital therapy, anxiety and depression therapy, bereavement therapy, life transition therapy, and eating disorder treatment are some of the areas of speciality. Individual, couple, and group counseling may also be done by live chat, phone, or video conferencing.


ReGain is one of the greatest online therapy providers for couples counseling and relationship troubles. They have a staff of certified and accredited psychologists that they can match with your needs.

Subscriptions to our platform ensure that clients have convenient, on-demand access to high-quality treatment sessions. Despite the fact that these concerns are well-known, coping with them may be very stressful for both parties. ReGain's mental health specialists, on the other hand, may facilitate the process and make it more accessible for the couple to resolve their differences more rapidly.

3.Teen Counseling

For parents, getting their children to open up to them about their private lives and sensitive issues is a whole other challenge. Because of this, the skilled and qualified counselors and therapists at Teen Counseling provide only the best services to guarantee that the family's communication is increased and healthy.

Parental peace of mind is the ideal alternative for those who don't want to become too involved in their children's life.

Using the platform, you don't need to worry about encouraging your adolescent to get dressed and get out to their appointments. In addition, this service might assist strengthen and revive your family bonds.

4. Pride Counseling

Our LGBTQ friends and family face everyday systematic persecution, including during Pride month festivities and LGBTQ awareness.

However, it is critical that counseling and psychotherapy services be widely available. For LGBTQ people, Pride Counseling is our go-to resource because it is both effective and compassionate to the challenges they face.

5.Faithful Counseling

Counseling and therapy are more successful when the mental health specialists who are treating you understand your religious beliefs. Faithful Counseling was set up for this same purpose. To meet the needs of Christian psychotherapists who want their sessions to be in line with the Bible, this was created. All of their services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through messaging, live chat, video calls and phone calls.

Unlike other online treatment service providers, faithful counseling costs the same amount of money but isn't inexpensive. It's worth noting, though, that face-to-face counseling sessions cost almost three times as much as online therapy.

6.Talk Space

Talk Space is a well-known platform that provides the most comprehensive and accessible online therapeutic services. A qualified therapist or psychologist may help you sort through your problems, or they can assist you through your sadness, anxiety, traumas and rage difficulties if you need it. As an added benefit, mental health specialists with advanced training are available via Talk Space to provide medical treatment.


When it comes to providing general telehealth service, then Amwell is readily accessible and available. Not only is this one of the reliable providers of online therapy and counseling, but the platform also offers on-demand medical assistance wherever you may be. Their services are also in partnership with insurance companies as a bonus. 

Honorable Mentions

Apart from the seven we mentioned, Ayana Therapy, Rethink My Therapy, and Calmerry are great options. 

Ayana Therapy is recommended for minorities who are experiencing mental health issues. Rethink My Therapy is covered by some insurance companies. If you’re looking for therapy sessions with accompanying videos, then Calmerry would be right for you.

Final Words

Just because we’re on lockdown doesn’t mean that you should avoid therapy. Online therapy services are a great way to help you during these times. You won’t have to go out and risk contracting the disease. Moreover, you won’t need to put your mental health last. Before you go with a service, make sure that they are covered by your insurance to lower down the costs. Most of them also assess how they can further help you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The 10 Most Popular 7 Benefits Of Drinking Purified Water of 2022

May 11, 2022 0


Pure water is a fundamental human right that all people should have access to. A basic human right, in fact. The availability of clean, safe drinking water is still a problem in many parts of the globe today. As a positive side effect, this issue may be resolved on a personal level. After all, you have control over the quality of the water coming out of your tap. Because of this, you must seek out cleansing. Purified water has several health advantages, which we'll discuss in detail in this post. To learn more, continue reading.

1. Human Body is 80% Water

A person's body is composed of water to an extent of 80%. Therefore, it is critical to your entire well-being and good health. As a bonus, these water purifiers guarantee you are constantly drinking water that has been sterilized. Indeed, these technologies are your ally and a lifesaver for you as well as your loved ones.

2. A Good Alternative to Bottled Water

Bottled water is bad for the environment since millions of plastic bottles are thrown away. Aside from that, the carbon emissions generated during the transit of these bottles are a problem.

As a result, bottled water is unnecessary if you have a water filter at home. You can help the environment by doing this.

3. Protection against Damage

Alzheimer's disease has been linked to aluminum exposure. Researchers have shown that once aluminum has entered your brain, it is very tough to remove. Because aluminum may cause brain damage, it is imperative that you take precautions to avoid it.

4. Saving Money

How frequently do you or your family members buy bottled water? No one can deny that we all buy these bottles on a regular basis. This is why we recommend the installation of a quality filtration system if you want to stay clear of this course of action. To avoid spending your money on something you can obtain at home, it's best to shop around.

5. Avoiding Chlorine Consumption ;

Chlorine is used by municipal treatment facilities to remove unwanted organisms, like as bacteria. Chlorine is also a carcinogen, a risk factor for heart disease, and a respiratory irritant.

6. Protection against harmful elements

Your tap water travels through a network of pipes containing a variety of substances, including slime. As a result, the quality of the water is noticeably degraded. Because of this, it is vital to have water filters installed to ensure that tap water is safe to drink.

7. Instant Access to Pure Water

With a decent filter, you can have clean water at your disposal right away. All forms of germs and bacteria are removed from filtered fluids. You may drink and wash your fruits and veggies with a lot of water. In addition, these gadgets will enable you to utilise your water for several reasons.

To summarize, these are just a few of the many advantages of drinking bottled water. A water purifier may be installed in your house if you wish to consume clean water.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Why do some people stop following a special diet to lose weight?

February 22, 2022 0


Everyone is on some kind of diet these days, don't they? Everyone also knows that the weight they lost on a diet would return, maybe with a few additional pounds attached, the moment they quit dieting. Most individuals dream of losing weight only once and having it stay off for good.

It is possible, after all.

"STOP DIETING!" I'm come to inform you. Why? Because food is important. We shouldn't deny ourselves this simple pleasure. Instead, we should consume according to our own preferences and dietary demands, as well as the needs of our bodies as a whole.

As far as I can tell, yes. Yes. Because we see it every day, we know. Many of our patients have reported seeing a dramatic reduction in their cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels after we teach them how to eat properly. This has happened in as little as 28 days, and all they've done is eat better. They've also reported feeling better and having more energy, and this has happened in as little as 28 days.

Straw-sucking isn't something most people like doing. That is, unless they prepared the dinner personally, and it was done to their satisfaction. In addition, the majority of individuals are looking for something that is straightforward. As far as I can tell, there is nothing more simple than consuming food. When it comes to eating, why not do it the right way?

Food has a lot of baggage in our society. Some of it is beneficial, such as when we use it to celebrate, or we just enjoy the taste and scent of it for its own sake. Some of it, like guilt and reward, is useless. For the sake of argument, let us consider food as a type of data. That's what it is to the body: information that the brain utilizes to help it develop, mend, and sustain itself. For example, fat molecules go to the brain to repair cells while carbs go to the muscles for energy. The brain knows exactly where and when each molecule should be sent. Every every molecule you consume has an impact on your overall health and physical appearance. We are, after all, what we consume.

Red blood cell health was predicated on your eating habits three months earlier. What you do today shapes your bones, skin, and internal organs for the rest of your life.

The power of food cannot be understated. It's good for you. There you are. You'll be in command if you know how to eat properly. "Dieting" will no longer be necessary. Instead, you'll be the proud owner of a meal plan.

Best diet to improve cardiovascular health

February 22, 2022 0


The debate appears to be going on and on. Diets heavy in fat and low in carbohydrates, according to proponents of a low-fat approach, are bad for the heart. On the surface, this seems to be the case. But is this the case?

In a recently published clinical investigation, an expert in heart and metabolic health came to some startling and fascinating discoveries. The participants were assigned to one of three groups in this study. For the next 20 weeks, they strictly adhered to the diets prescribed to them. Each of the three diets had 20% protein, but the carbohydrate and fat content varied.

In the cafeteria or on the move, participants got completely cooked, tailored meals. So there was no ambiguity as to whether or not they really ate the macronutrients given to them.

The following is a breakdown of the diets:

A low-carbohydrate diet has no more than 80% carbohydrates and 21% fat.

This is a moderate-carb diet: 40% carbs, 14% fat.

60 percent carbohydrate, 7 percent fatty acids.

These were the startling findings at the conclusion of the 20-week study:

"Improved insulin-resistant dyslipoproteinemia and lipoprotein(a) levels were found with an all-saturated fat, low-carb diet, while LDL cholesterol levels remained unchanged. Cardiovascular disease risk may be reduced by restricting carbohydrates, regardless of body weight, and this should be studied in massive multi-center studies driven by concrete outcomes."

Those who followed a low-carb, high-fat diet saw better results in triglycerides, adiponectin (a fat-derived hormone that appears to play a crucial role in protecting against insulin resistance/diabetes and atherosclerosis), blood pressure, and lipoprotein(a) than those who followed a medium- or high-carb diet, according to the researchers. LDL cholesterol may develop plaques on blood vessel walls as a result of lipoprotein(a), a protein that carries cholesterol and can induce constriction or blockage of blood vessels and hardening of arteries. Cardiovascular indicators were unaffected by the high levels of saturated fat.

That contradicts everything we've been taught for decades. The quality of the meal and the source of the fat are, in my view, the most important considerations. Saturated fat isn't as harmful as we've been led to believe. For me, it's a toss-up between what kind of fat you consume and how your body reacts to saturated fats.

Is a low-carb, high-saturated fat diet something you'd consider?

She is a holistic health coach and an independent nutritionist. She aids her clients in achieving robust health and wholeness - spirit, soul, and body - via her coaching services.